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Chad Durgan is an artist and current resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Having also lived in Hawaii and New York City has given him a unique perspective on nature as well as urban life. His current work is an exploration of how the two relate to each other and peoples attempts at assimilating both into one cohesive existence.


Classically trained in painting, sculpture, photography and metalsmithing, Chad brings techniques from all of these disciplines into his work. His passion for nature drives his current series focusing on themes of isolation, tranquility and rebirth as the natural world relates to urban settings and the current global conditions.


Evoking themes of isolation, anxiety and a fervor to cope with and transform them into acceptance and positivism, Chad is currently working on a series exploring these themes and how the natural world influences and is in turn influenced by modernity. 


Chad’s work has been seen in many exhibitions including NYC, Maui, and San Francisco. During his residency in these locales… Chad has been influenced by nature’s awesome beauty, man’s unwavering need to control it, and the consequences of those actions.