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Attempting Balance

Attempting Balance

This is a mixed media art piece created utilizing photography, metal work and painting. The piece includes hand made copper flowers that have peridot and sapphire gemstones set in them. 
This work was included in “Reflections”, a juried exhibition at Arc Gallery in San Francisco, June 2020. 


  • Attempting Balance Sculpture

         Many people struggle to manage all the different aspects of their modern day lives. Overwhelmed with information, choices and images many seek to achieve balance by attempting to control the environment around them. These attempts at control define the individual as well as create the world around them. The person that we become is often a reflection of the environment we find ourselves in. 

         My work is an exploration of forms that illustrate the balance people seek and the environments they create to exist amongst the chaos of every day life. Our lives are a direct reflection of our attempts at seeking balance. 

        I utilize my knowledge of traditional techniques to combine metal smithing with photography and painting to create relief and three dimensional sculptures. In addition to using found objects, I also solder structures, cast objects, and make pieces from paper and photographs.  





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