Brass Puzzle Bracelet

Always intrigued by puzzles traditional and otherwise we have come up with this fun addition for your wardrobe.  

This bracelet is hand cut from 20 gauge brass sheet and is joined using 18 gauge (7mm exterior) brass jump rings. All connections have been soldered to ensure the life and durability of the piece. The "S" hook clasp was made utilizing the same wire as the jump rings and measures 0.5 inches (10mm) by 0.5 inches. Each puzzle piece measures 1 inch (25mm) wide and 1.5 inches (40mm) long.  

Hammered to give added depth and texture the pieces have also been curved slightly making it comfortable to wear. You can allow the bracelet to naturally patina (to take on an antique look) or it can be polished to a golden sheen. Simply polish like any of your other jewelry.